Mostini Planet story introduction


In 2450, planet Earth and its inhabitants are facing enormous difficulties due to climate change and other sources of thermodynamic reactivity. We are witnessing an apocalyptic situation that has resulted in the death of half of the world's population. The oceans are on fire, and the polar ice has collapsed, leading to daytime temperatures reaching 65 degrees Celsius.

With each death comes a birth. As the current system is exhausted, whether economically, politically, or ecologically, a new consciousness is emerging throughout our planet, changing the way we live together in harmony with the laws of nature. Every day, people wake up in a new reality, living in the grace of the present moment, without remembering the past or projecting into the future. An inner voice whispers to them to let go of an old world that no longer resonates with them and immerse themselves in a new wave, albeit unknown but full of life.


But we know that for a new world to emerge, it is necessary to first die in an old world. And we also know that the interval separating them can be extremely short or, on the contrary, so long that people must learn to live in desolation for decades, only to discover in the end that they are incapable and that they have not truly lived throughout their history.

Josammy Emporio 3D and his team have the mission of assisting a world facing perpetual difficulties. To achieve this, it is essential to understand the « true alerts » that this world is facing. Next, we need to explore the technology that Josammy Emporio 3D will use to save the survivors from this situation, namely the « Alpha and Omega Matrix Thermodynamic Sigma ZG » technology. Finally, it is important to determine towards which new world the survivors will be directed and what the characteristics of this world are. This is, of course, « Mostini planet » the next level of the world.

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