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Alpha & Omega thermodynamic Sigma ZG matrix


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Volume 1

The book deals with the reactivity of the real universe. It enlightens this world about gravity knowledge, because since the beginning, scientists, philosophers and lay people have never understood gravity, all fields of science are misinterpreted. This book solves all scientific puzzles, all the mysteries of the universe, displays and satisfies the curiosity of scientists, philosophers and laypersons about gravity knowledge. It will explain the reactivities of the formations of planets, solar systems, galaxies and the entire universe with the impacts of the influence of the highest cosmic laws: the  Alpha & Omega thermodynamic Sigma ZG matrix and the quantum antigravity Sigma ZG matrix.

The purpose of this book is to clarify the complex concepts of gravity and show how they relate to planetary formations, solar systems, galaxies, and the universe as a whole. Knowledge of gravity is essential for understanding the universe and is used in many fields of science, such as cosmology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics. This book aims to provide a deeper understanding of gravity by describing the complex reactions that occur in the universe.

The universe is a fascinating place that has always aroused people's curiosity and interest. This book will satisfy that curiosity by explaining the complex reactions of the universe in simple, understandable terms. It will also be useful to scientists, philosophers, and laypeople seeking to better understand gravity and its impact on the universe. This book can also help illuminate common misconceptions about gravity and demonstrate the importance of this knowledge to science as a whole.

In summary, this book on the reactivity of the real universe is an essential guide to understanding gravity and its impact on the universe. It will allow scientists, philosophers and laypeople to better understand the complex reactions of the universe in simple and understandable terms, while satisfying their curiosity about gravity knowledge.

The Quantum Antigravity Sigma ZG matrix


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Volume 1

Astronomy is a fascinating scientific field that arouses the curiosity and interest of many people. There are several reasons for this. First of all, space is filled with complex and mysterious phenomena, such as the formation and ejection of materials, the emission of rays, etc. These phenomena often leave us speechless and make us want to know more. Also, astronomy can tell us a lot about the origin of the universe. By understanding how stars form and how planetary systems are created, we can uncover the history of our own solar system.

Understanding the genesis of stars is crucial to understanding the history of our Sun. We know that our Sun was born about 4.5 billion years ago and was responsible for the formation of the Earth. Understanding the primitive chemistry that allowed the formation of the Earth can give us clues to the first appearance of life on our planet. It can help us better understand the origin of life on Earth and can even lead us to discover other forms of life in the universe.

Astronomy is therefore an exciting field of study that can provide us with many answers to complex and mysterious questions. However, it is important to stress that astronomy is not an exact science and that many questions still remain unanswered. Scientists are constantly working to discover new information about the universe and to better understand the complex phenomena that occur in it. Advances in technology and constant scientific discoveries make this never-ending quest to learn the truth about our universe even more exciting.