Jos@mmyEmporioL@nd Objective

Josammyemporioland facilitates the creation of thermodynamic and gravitational museum for which I going to stimulate the comprehension of universe and solving enigma like: Natural levers of Guatemala, Earthquake, Volcano, Tsumami, Hurricanes, The Solar Corona, Chasm, Sinkholes, The fairy circle of Namibia, The legendary fairy circle, The methane Bubble of Canada, The triangle of Bermuda, The series pink lakes of Australia( Chewing Gum ), Hum in Tao, Clines, Haloclines. The Clines are the thermodynamic manifestation which are not known and misinterpreted by scientist because of lack of universe comprehension of highest cosmic laws reactivities. The objective is to evaluate the position movement of turbulence while introducing the impact of highest cosmic law on the position in relation with haloclines, chemoclines, and solving all scientific enigma to notably illuminating this world with five highest world technology to know:

-Alpha& Omega Thermodynamic Matrix Sigma ZG

– The Quantum Matrix Antigravity Sigma ZG

-The Physicochemical potential sigma ZG

-Geo-thermodynamic Sigma ZG

– Supra-molecular Assemble Sigma ZG

The acquisition and evaluation of all resulted solution of the aforementioned knowledge will be examined by organizations, universities, companies, authorities qualified for the appreciation, determination overall the truth on gravity and highest cosmic law reactivities and all universe phenomena in order to light up this world. Obviously implement and reactivate the illumination of this world in rational version and scientific proven theories, and the our planet will shine.

These technologies have been granted for fives patent (fives US patent including international patent), so I have explained on my fifth patent PCT (International PCT). The technology is displaying all reactivities base functioning of universe. In fact, with my scientific research, I am the first human in all the world history who discover the ultimate reactivities of highest cosmic law to know: The fundamental Thermodynamic force govern the world. The fundamental thermodynamic force and microcrack extension stress stability (Entropy) are inversely proportional. The Entropy is always proportional to the mass reactivities. The fundamental Thermodynamic force reactivities is inversely proportional to the mass reaction. These scientific law functionalities could be verified by including these high laws functionalities in all field of science, effectively these innovative theories reactivities constitute base functions of all universe reactivities. Jos@mmyenporiol@nd is providing new opportunities knowledgeable in all universe in general. In US in particular to be leading voice and example for new generation of technologie, engineering, optimization, and universe comprehension in all fields of science. The intension is going to create an expensive chain Thermodynamic Museum in USA in particular and all the world in general with legitimate purpose of education. Therefore, we are going to implement projection cinema with publication book.

I am going to be able to orchestrate some development assignment rather quickly. This project is started to fulfill need in all lives domain. Everyday bring new challenge and new opportunities to be more decisive, and although growth is exciting, it comes with challenges. Obviously, technology is a vital tool to making sure that you are searching. Also, solving all scientific enigma, and satisfy curiosity all humans and Mankind in the universe formation reactivities, origin of live or DNA, genetic take over, and universe functionalities formation. A significant factor that hinder an operate form entering this industry is High level competition and regulation associated with low level technology comprehension of actual universities, companies, and organization because Mankind never understand gravity and the reactivities of universe and the reactivities of the fundamental thermodynamic force. The reactivities between the fundamental thermodynamic force and microcrack extension stress stability meaning conception of theology with nothing to do with realities (Big Bang, non implication of the fundamental thermodynamic force and microcrack extension stress stability), also non-implacation of the second thermodynamic law in medicine, astrophysics, Geophysics, mechanic.

“No one can be called scientist or philosophers if he did not understand and comprehend the fundamental thermodynamics force law reactivity in relation inversely proportional with microcrack extension stress stability “

“The fundamental thermodynamic force govern this world”

” The microcrack extension stress stability (Entropy) is proportional to the mass”

– No one, nobody can explain universe creation, life creation, universe reactivities, universe expansion, without intervening the impact of the fundamental thermodynamic force because the fundamental thermodynamic force governs the world, nobody can explain gravity without intervening the impact of the fundamental thermodynamic force because the fundamental thermodynamic govern the world and microcrack extension stress stability. The purpose of this book is going is to enlighten this world bringing joy and curiosity satisfaction expected by all.