Jos@mmyEmporioL@nd Presentation

Josammyemporioland is the golden city of universal modern science and technology with legitimate purpose and mission of explaining all universal reactivities notably the reactivities of highest cosmic law such the fundamental thermodynamic force and microcrack extension stress stability (universal Entropy).

The Golden city is a public establishment of an industrial, commercial, thermodynamic Museum character. The legitimate mission is to provide educational and reliable information with document or video that stimulating participant or visitor, intellectual, emotional, and physical well being to enrich their lives in reactivities functioning of universe knowledge. Also, to assess the participants perception of life project, activities, identity, universe reactivities, and monitor the activities to demonstrate the project success. Because the project is going to negotiate in short term and long term modernization, adaptation and renewal or reforming of universal and university knowledge at all levels. Also, movies can be used in educational purposes as previewers capacity, some college Management has introduced the picture video in educational system.