Limitless energy Tesla & Vitium energy

It is an abundant energy that would come from an infinite source that does not need to be centralized before being redistributed by various means such as piping or cables. Its defenders maintain that it is capable of providing the citizen with tangible energy autonomy and real freedom of use. This theory, first fueled by the physicist Nikola Tesla at the beginning of the 20th century, would be justified by the existence of energy sources not yet exploited, to which everyone could have inexhaustible access.

In fact, Nikola Tesla (1956-1943), an American engineer and physicist of Serbian origin, marked his electrical energy history with his inventions and was one of the pioneers of free energy. He claimed to have developed a free energy engine capable of operating from cosmic rays.

Tesla is responsible of 80% today Technology.

Gain  energy autonomy. If you live very far from the electrical network, it can even allow you to become completely independent with the use of storage batteries. Reduce your electricity bill. The more you produce, the more free electricity you use.