Mostini Planet Nest Level With JOSAMMY EMPORIO 12D

Alpha and Omega Thermodynamic Matrix

Josammy Emporio 3 D
Next level the world and Solving scientific enigma
The physicochemical potential & sigma physicochemical Omega G and z

A ray of sunshine pierces the blue sky,
The light is so strong that I close my eyes …
A cold and striking winter day,
Where the fragile kiss is shivering …
The soft snow melts under the hot rays,
And lets appear small sheets of water
That reflect the sun to my heart …
There are days when there is only misfortune,
But nature is here to remind us
Time makes everything change …
The leaves of the trees fall in autumn,
But will resurrect monotonously …
The snow covers the beautiful landscapes in winter,
But will faint under the severe light
The sweet sun of spring …
Nature is like a living being,

His mind lights up or darkens,
His body is green or weakened …
So let’s take Nature example
Who collects hard degradations,
But who knows how to get up with the time … Earthquake, tidal wave
Hurricane, not to mention avalanche and Storm, mix it all up and you’ll get
A girl who will now tell herself Earthquake, when everything collapsed,
A life that we tried to order
A happiness that we wanted to keep
But ALL went up in smokeTidal wave, the waves of my senseless tears
That despite everything I try desperately to hide. But I know you all can guess. Because they soon passed the dam of my pride
Man and the Sea ( baudelaire )

Free man, you will always cherish the sea!
The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul
In the infinite unrolling of its billows;
Your mind is an abyss that is no less bitter.

You like to plunge into the bosom of your image;
You embrace it with eyes and arms, and your heart
Is distracted at times from its own clamoring
By the sound of this plaint, wild and untamable.

Both of you are gloomy and reticent:
Man, no one has sounded the depths of your being;
O Sea, no person knows your most hidden riches,
So zealously do you keep your secrets!

Yet for countless ages you have fought each other
Without pity, without remorse,
So fiercely do you love carnage and death,
O eternal fighters, implacable brothers!

MOSTINI Planet Next level The with Alpha& Omega Thermodynamic Matrix Sigma ZG
A natural mirage

Harmony between Health and Beauty . Alpha & Omega Thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix is The Highest World Technology

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Matrix Thermodynamic In Josammy Emporio 12D

What is love baby don’t hurt me no more 
Pain, this name, this enemy who has so often shared my life,
Who took possession of my body and my melancholy, which
for hours has fueled my sweet madness, and from morbid
gleams haunted my nights.
.Mostini planet
The triumph of human spirit
You are my Lover
Love is stronger than illness
By this tender poem made of sincere verses
I want to wish you a happy birthday.
I know you sick, I know you weakened but strong
Healing will be, I hope, your treasure.


to know the thought of our predecessor, is not the need for learning but a need found the thoughts that have shaped our world

Nature has always oppressed for billions of years and subjects humanity to its law. We have hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and storms, all of these disasters are only partially known and identified, so they are not known in their full comprehensive parameter of understanding. They are confused and partially strange to the scientific understanding of the highest cosmic things and laws in real life. We have other phenomena such as the natural levers of Guatemala, the chasm, The Sinkholes, the fairy circles of Namibia, the legendary fairy circles,the methane bubbles of Canada, the triangles of Bermuda, the series of pink lakes in Australia ( chewing gum), the maelstroms, Hum in Tao are thermodynamic phenomena which are not known due to the lack of understanding of the great cosmic laws. We also have in the cosmos the phenomena of the Great attractors of the Galaxies. With the thermodynamic matrix technology Alpha and Omega from Josammy Emporio 12D, all these phenomena are interpreted in a logical, rational and completely scientific way. Josammy Emporio is the hero of the universe. The planet Mostini is at the world top level with the thermodynamic matrix technology Alpha and Omega