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In the great struggle that enabled man to free himself from the animal kingdom, nature was not only the first Shepherd of humanity but also its first enemy. To free himself from this natural oppression, man has perpetually devoted himself to the conquest of the world, his essential aid was Philosophy, science and finally technology. Josammy technology has saved all of humanity from the irreversible catastrophe of global warming and other thermodynamic sources. Indeed, being holder and creator of the technology “ Alpha and Omega Matrix thermodynamic, Earthling refugees will travel by transmigration to the planet host Mostini located in the Andromeda galaxy. Mostini planet is a planet that has three active suns that revolve around it. Earthlings will have the opportunity to create new advanced civilizations with the support of Alpha Omega Matrix thermodynamic.

In 2450, the Earth planet and its inhabitants encounter enormous difficulties because of climate warming and others thermodynamic sources reactivities. En effect, we are witnessing an apocalyptic situation that caused the deaf of half world population. We have fire leaping out the oceans, and ice of the pole collapsed and temperature reaching 65 degree Celsius during day.

The quarrel Assumption of Matrix Thermodynamic 

For technological awakening and scientific progress, Auguste Compte stated” The Ancestor or dead rule the living and he translated it a lapidary formula that all civizilation is the fruit of the past. We can not understand the present without referring constantly to the spiritual or intellectual inheritance of our ancestor, to know the toughts which shapped our know the thought of our predecessor, is not the need for learning but a need found the thoughts that have shaped our world

Boltzmann , RICCI , Euler ,NERST, Newton, Helmotz, Kepler, Avocadro, Nicolas Tesla, Einstein, Josammy Emporio 12 D

your love for knowledge engenders technological advances that are filled with light, it is the desire to sing. The sea that reveals itself to show its murmurs is the need to love. All these stars that fall right, it is the chance of you, of you who will come to make shine my city and to hear it singing. And the horizon that lights up in the corner of your eyes is a lot of desire. The cloud that flies beyond the night is the dream that dreams. And this sky is too big to hide our secrets, it is the immense of you, of you who will come to lose you in my city and the hollow of my arms.

     We believe in the better future powered by the people who have a courage to innovate and believe in their creativity 

We have opportunity to improve human health in a global level and bring end to incurable desease and bring happiness to the people and provide harmonie between health and beauty . Josammy Emporio 3D

Josammy Emporio 3 D The world Next Level with Alpha and Omega Thermodynamic Matrix 

The quarrel of the assumption of the evidence thermodynamic Matrix Josammy

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious

O pain! O pain! Time eats life,

And the dark enemy that gnaws at our heart
Blood that we lose is growing and strengthening!

Nature teaches nothing. It is also she who impels man to kill his fellow man, to eat him, to sequester him, to torture him; for as soon as we leave the order of necessities and needs to enter that of luxury and pleasures, we see that nature can only advise crime. It is this infallible nature that has created parricide and cannibalism. It is philosophy, it is religion that commands us to feed poor and infirm parents. Nature (which is nothing but the voice of our interest) commands us to knock them out. Go over, analyze all that is natural, all the actions and desires of the pure natural man, you will find nothing but frightful. The crime, which the animal has tasted in the belly of his mother, is originally natural. Virtue, on the contrary, is artificial, supernatural. Evil is effortless, of course; good is always the product of an art. since primitivism in the great struggle that has allowed man to free himself from the animal kingdom, nature has been not only the first

shepherd of humanity but also his first enemy. To liberate oneself from this natural oppression, man has perpetually conquered the world, his essential help has been the science.
Nature has always oppressed for billions of years and subjects humanity to its law. We have hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and storms, all of these disasters are only partially known and identified, so they are not known in their full comprehensive parameter of understanding. They are confused and partially strange to the scientific understanding of the highest cosmic things and laws in real life. We have other phenomena such as the natural levers of Guatemala, the chasm, the Sinkholes, the fairy circles of Namibia, the legendary fairy circles, the methane bubbles of Canada, the triangles of Bermuda, the series of pink lakes in Australia ( chewing gum), the maelstroms, Hum in Tao are thermodynamic phenomena which are not known due to the lack of understanding of the great cosmic laws. We also have in the cosmos the phenomena of the Great attractors of the Galaxies. With the thermodynamic matrix technology Alpha and Omega from Josammy Emporio 12D, all these phenomena are interpreted in a logical, rational and completely scientific way. Josammy Emporio is the hero of the universe. The planet Mostini is at the world top level with the thermodynamic matrix technology Alpha and Omega

Harmony Between Health and Beauty . Alpha & Omega Thermodynamic Sigma ZG Matrix is The Highest World Technology