Solving Scientific Enigma

The earth is sick , We are  all  sick would she be worse. My essence is the desire to be happy, to live well, to act well by knowing the law that governs universe. We believe in the better future powered by the people who have courage to innovate in their creativity.  Despite the spectacular scientific advance of the last century, there are still many questions that researchers are still unable to answer. , Scientists and all humanity do not know the functioning of natural laws, the greatest laws of the cosmos, that is why there is a great confusion on theories such as ; formation of life, the universe, solar systems, galaxies. Since the last century Newton has poorly and confusedly explained gravity, so today gravity is not well understood, there is a whole false speculation on the universe that has nothing to do with realities, the theory of the Big Bang is not correct because scientists do not know how the laws of the universe work. For lack of explanation of things, they have invoked the black energy that does not exist, they do not know the nature of dark matter, how is formed our solar system. Obviously, it is not protoplanetary disks which are at the origin of the formation of solar systems, this confirmation is only blasphemy, the theory of the Big Bang and the age of our universe is not correct, just a great incompetence and blasphemy of scientist .

My personal with Josammy Emporio 12D have listed with many and biggest scientific enigma I have solved and understand all gravity , the functioning of all universe laws and all universe entities reaction and co-interaction. I have solved the mysteries of listed question below:

1) How did the water disappear on Mars and why  Mars planet is red ? The surface of Mars had liquid water at the beginning (5 bilions years  ago ) and  Why Mars  planet does not have magnetism today ?

On the other hand, a small body has energy in its volume and radiates it into space through its surface and, being smaller, and why Mars has lost its internal energy more quickly?

2) What was there before the Big Bang?At the time of the Big Bang, the material we know today did not exist. The universe is thought to be a very hot mist of particles. The atoms, let alone the molecules, were not yet formed. The first ones to be formed will be three minutes after the beginning of the expansion, affirm the equations.

The problem for scientists is that the closer we get to zero, the less we know what is happening. Some argue that there was no moment zero. The more we go back in time, the smaller the universe, but its dimension is never zero.

3)What are the parameters of the origin of life on earth ?

How can we explain the existing parameters that would influence the emergence of giants from 60 to 300 million years of all species and those of our generation (Actual) or the miniatures in the same planet ?

Justification of morphological ambivalence of prehistoric and contemporary species.

The prehistoric species are: The tyrex, the lioporeudon (marine reptile giant species lived at the calluvian age During the Jurassic park 5 to 7 m and fed on poison and squid)

-Arthropleura (Thousand pate 305 million years North America

-Spinosaurus (Turtle carborbomis shell 1m72 crane 22cm

4) Why before and after earthquakes, there are always eclairs in the sky

5) Is the Big Bang Notion as described correct? Of course not because there are parameters related to the Big Bang necessary to the comprehension of the immense universe?

6) What are the parameters relating to the Big Bang?

7) Do 15 Billion of years are the age of universe , of course not ? so what is the age of the universe?

8) What is parameters the origin of life ?

9) Why morphological ambiguity between giants (dinosaurs and humans) on the same planet with actual species ?

10) What are the reasons for the extinction of the dinosaurs ?

11) Why are we going to live?

12) why do we sleep?

13) What should the balance of the human body during walking or running?

14) What is the real universal parameter, Big Rip or Big Crunch?

15) Why does our brain shiver because of some noises?

16) where does the instinct of multiplication criteria of evolution come form?

17) Does Black energy exist ?

18) Does time exist ? What is the parameter of time ?

19) What is the origine of life?

For many years, science has been trying to understand the emergence of life on Earth. Two questions arise: what is the origin of the first organic molecules? And why life uses only D-shaped carbohydrates rather than L and L-amino acids rather than D

20) Does the attraction’s Newton theory is correct ?

21)What is impact of Magnetic inversion ?

22)What is Radioactivity and what is its role?

23)What is the universal definition of life?

24) Why in the night the sound is brighter than the day?

25) What is global warming?

Does is it possible that human impact could have an effect on the climate in this case the global warming?

26)What is the role of the Earth’s core?

27)how does magnetism work?

28)What is magnetic inversion and what is its role?

29) What is impact of Magnetic inversion ?

30). Why do people need sleep?

The answer to this question would be simple: sleep helps us to regain strength and rest. But the main cause of people’s sleep addiction has still not been cleared up.

31). Dark matter, what is it and why can not we see it?

Dark matter, whose existence was suggested by the Dutch astronomer Jacobus Kapteyn in 1922, occupies about 26% of the Universe. Nevertheless, it is not visible and researchers have trouble explaining its nature.

Visible matter is composed of neutrons, protons and electrons, while dark matter contains elements that have not yet been identified by researchers. They interact with light in a particular way, without reflecting or absorbing it. The presence of dark matter can only be detected by gravitational waves.

32). How did the Universe appear?

The birth of the Universe is another scientific enigma, all models and theories of

33). Why does our brain shiver because of some noises?

Our brain reacts in a particular way to certain noises, like the tapping of the fingers on a sheet of paper or the whispers. Such auditory stimulus causes a “tingling” in the brain of 90% of listeners. This phenomenon has been called the “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” (ASMR). Many relaxation videos use this phenomenon.

34) What is the age of the universe and how is formed a solar system to know all the existing theories are not correct.

35) d) Do the protoplanetary discs are responsible for the formation of the planets  and solar system ?

36) The Great Enigmas of Science ?: Evolution of the Universe – Would the Sun have a companion, Nemesis, that would pose threats to our planet?

 37 ). What is  matter-antimatter imbalance ?

Today, the universe is mainly composed of matter. Predicted in 1928 by the physicist Paul Dirac and observed in 1932 by Carl David Anderson, antimatter, which differs from its sister only by its opposite charge, is naturally present in only a few traces in the observable universe ( cosmic rays, lightning, van Allen belt, etc.) and artificially in our laboratories

38). What is Dark Matter?

Five times more abundant than baryonic matter (ordinary matter) and representing about 27% of the energy density of the universe, dark matter is everywhere, but remains invisible

39) What is Radioactivity and what is its role?

40) What is the universal definition of life?

41) What is the protoplanet disc?

42) What is gravity and antigravity?

43) What allows planets to form, solar systems, galaxies, clusters, and super clusters.?

44) Why a suspense on the moon has a certain hanker does not fall 450while the same apple hanging on the earth at the same height falls?

46) How are meteorites, asteroids and comets formed?

47 ) What is the origin of incurable diseases (Cancer, Diabetes, Blood pressure)?

48)  how the universe entities  are formed: Sun or stars, the Sun system, the Galaxies, the Clusters and the super Clusters.

49) Why before and after earthquakes, there are always eclairs in the sky?

50) Does  the Big Bang Notion as described correct? Of course not because there are parameters related to the Big Bang necessary to the comprehension of the immense universe? we still have many riddles or enigma ?

51 ) What is the age of the universe and how is formed a solar system to know all the existing theories are not correct?

52 ) d) Do the protoplanetary discs are responsible for the formation of the planets?

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