(International Festival for the Stimulation and Commemoration of African Cultural, Literary and Scientific Works)

1 Preface

When Augustus count said that the dead rule the living, he translated into a concise formula this fundamental idea that all civilization is the fruit of the past, we cannot understand the present without constantly referring to the spiritual heritage of our ancestors, to know the thought of our predecessors is not the need for a vain erudition but a necessity, to find the thoughts which shaped our world. In this sense, being hostage to this African culture, being a direct heir of literature and culture, I hereby request your active participation in the context of the stimulation, commemoration, reactivation and organization of festivals of African culture in all its aspects to ensure the sustainability of this culture and allow future generations to inherit a work well accomplished. We will organize an annual Festival to stimulate cultural works. In addition, it is clear that we must find an African solution to our problems, and this can only be done in African unity. Divided, we are weak; united, Africa could become one of the world's great forces for good. Unity will not really make you rich as one wishes, so this is a big step towards a great development, it would be difficult to ignore and despise Africa and the African people. And this will consequently increase the effectiveness of the decisions that we make and that we try to implement for our development.

Mission and Objective

The legitimate aim is to organize an International Festival (FISSICCOLA) with the legitimate objective of stimulating African culture in all its parameters, namely:

- Literature to encourage writers and commemorate the works of our dead writers.

- Science and Technology (geniuses in herbs), stimulate a purely African scientific research in order to allow current and future generations to deserve a work well accomplished.

-Stimulate and encourage African research by encouraging researchers, any scientific initiative, Patents and budding African researchers.

- Encourage Africans to have an important and preponderant place for their emancipation on a universal scale

- The projects of the greatest African inventions will be encouraged and exhorted to come true, the best students will be promoted and encouraged.

- African music (modern and traditional) will be rehabilitated, honored, nominated and promulgated (the best artists, the best songs, the best orchestra and the best music video)

- Commemoration of works in the history of African music.

- Ensure an annual organization of the Festival of African Culture (FISSICCOLA) - Encourage and promote cinema by encouraging the best films and the best actors of African cinema

- We will encourage the best actors and the best screenplays

- We will encourage African sportsmen and grass sportsmen.

- We will ensure a program of the book of African records.

- The program aims to establish monuments to honor African music and to establish museums for the rehabilitation of African culture and history.

- The legitimate objective is to ensure and rehabilitate culture to prepare Africans to receive many international tourists.

- We will promote African culture in African tourist sites to promote the future and good promotion of African tourism.

3 Goal

The objective is to integrate African youth into its social and economic fabric in order to revitalize the entire African population and to equip themselves with the great ethical values leading right to sustainable development to be part of modern society with a strong economy and a suitable environment.

Terms of functions

The ceremony is annual and the selection of the final activities will take place in the African countries of choice to ensure the selection of candidates during the cultural activities and the best will be selected to represent the African continent in third continents in particular: Europe, the USA , Canada, Australia, Asia. The second objective of this program is to promote African culture to third countries. All African countries having adhered to this program are likely to organize and host this annual conference for example

RDC, CONGO, Cameroun, Gabon, Cote d’ivoire, Burkinafaso, Sénégal, Namibie, Afrique du Sud, Nigeria.

During the selection, cultural exhibition ceremonies will take place, karaoke for commemorations and the rehabilitation of musical works, the nominees ceremony and rehabilitation. During this ceremony, the nominees will be rewarded with trophies and various awards. The final ceremony will be organized in a country outside Africa to be chosen. The First two Finalist countries will be France and Grande Bretagne.


 We will seek partners such as all African countries, the European Union and African and international sponsors.

6 Motivation

Only a few decades ago, African culture was respected by African sons. Respect for tradition, culture and social heritage was the order of the day. But today this culture is neglected in favor of other cultures known by globalization. Globalization therefore becomes a community to which all states are invited and are on an equal footing. However Africa does not seem to participate in this community or at least its participation is refuted. Africa therefore sees itself copying Western culture to the detriment of its own and of its identity. The African of today wants people to say that he is white with black skin and we have a real cultural and identity disaster. If the African tries to westernize, it is because of what he thinks his situation as an African is difficult. It is still true that Africa is in bad shape, but who should take care of her if her sons leave her, run away from her. Many Africans still ignore this cry of appeal from Seydou Badian: "There is no question for you to flee your environment. Rather seek to act on it. Seek to save what needs to be saved and try to contribute something else yourself. If Africa does not itself promote its culture it will disappear. The African must recognize himself as such, stop copying others because in doing so he is denying himself. Samba Diakite will say that "the value of a man is first to know his condition, to accept himself as such, in order to better assert himself". In principle, the African should know how to talk about Africa and Africa. It is time for the African to realize his situation as a subordinate, his situation as a dominated. Each African must be aware of himself and transform himself in depth not to become the Westerner and assimilable to the West, but to become the African of a new era, of a new order which rests his knowledge on his culture and its culture on on its knowledge, by installing its world, by exploding its presence. 

Anything is possible in life, I undertook individual research which led to discovering the greatest laws of the universe and obtaining nearly 100 patents as a whole I am an independent researcher, my research has led to solve all scientific puzzles, to correct all mechanics, astrophysics, medicine, Biology and astronomy being the holder of this unprecedented record, I take the initiative to bring together Africans in order to honor our cultures, literature, science and to enable present and future generations to inherit a work well done.


African culture is losing old values. If nothing is done, it will disappear. To prevent this tragedy, every African must be himself, that is, accept his status as an African. You can't fight an evil that you don't know exists. The African must then know that his lack of long-term vision is one of the sources of his misfortune. We have to think about our cultures to hope to bring something to others. Standing between two cultures, Africa must find a landmark. This benchmark is cultural values. The African must call on his past for help, he must appeal to it without however returning to it.

The African must wake up, he must be awake and above all upright, otherwise Africa our only continent would be a carpet on which others will come to sing and dance Always. As things are going, Africa has nothing to hope for from globalization. His culture is denied, so his sons decide to take refuge in Western culture.

Worthy Sons and Daughters of Africa our mother awaits us. We will have to mobilize to break the chains that bind Africa. To succeed in this bet we must promote our culture.