Mostini planet


In 2450, planet Earth and its inhabitants are facing enormous difficulties due to climate change and other sources of thermodynamic reactions. Indeed, we are witnessing an apocalyptic situation that has caused the death of half of the world's population. Fires are erupting across the oceans, and the polar ice has collapsed, with temperatures reaching 65 degrees Celsius during the day.

Every death is accompanied by a birth. As the current system becomes exhausted, be it economically, politically, or environmentally, a new consciousness is emerging across our planet, changing the way we live together and in accordance with the laws of nature. Each day, people awaken to a new reality of living in the grace of the present moment, without dwelling on the past or projecting into the future. An inner voice whispers to them to let go of an old world that no longer resonates with them and to embrace a new wave, certainly unknown but vibrant.

But we know that for a new world to emerge, the old world must first die. And we also know that the interval between them can be infinitely short or, on the contrary, so long that people have to learn to live in desolation for decades, only to inevitably discover in the end that they have not truly lived.

I have seen a new world arrive swiftly. More scientific, more efficient, yes. More treatments for old diseases, very good. But a harsh and cruel world. And I saw a little girl, her eyes closed, holding the generous old world against her chest, which she knew in the depths of her heart could not stay, and she held it and begged: stay with me forever.

Mostini Planet - The next level of the World

Mostini planet

Mostini is a planet with 3 stars located in the Andromeda galaxy. Indeed, three suns orbit around the planet Mostini. The planet Mostini offers many more advantages for humans with favorable thermodynamic conditions, allowing humans to have a longer lifespan, averaging around 300 years, and being free from any diseases.

The human refugees from Earth are immensely grateful for the precious gift that Josammy Emporio 3D has given them. Josammy Emporio 3D is generous and deeply caring, often doing infinitely harder work than the most flamboyant of heroes.

On the planet Mostini, which houses human refugees from Earth, dance represents much more than simply moving on a dance floor while listening to their favorite music. It holds a deeper meaning, perhaps cultural, emotional, or spiritual, that goes beyond the usual idea of dance as a mere entertainment activity. In fact, the human refugees are surprised by the number of benefits associated with dance. Not only does it exercise their brain and motor skills, but it is also excellent for their overall physical well-being. As such, it helps them stay physically and mentally fit. Moreover, regular dancing can enhance their general well-being, boost their self-esteem, and has also been shown to improve their social skills.

The human refugees have brought their technologies to the host planet (Mostini Planet). Technology plays a crucial role in the new society on planet Mostini, so everyone is impacted by the power of technology in one way or another.

Mostini Planet - A new world of human earth

A man against the elements

Lost in a world that does not resemble me, in a universe where the true values of happiness are ignored, in this human society drained of truth, I do not know who I am. What I do know is that I still know nothing. I do not know if the direction of this modern life brings happiness to humans, yet we have many mysteries, natural disasters, and injustices around us. In this truth-empty society, I do not know who I am. What I do know is that I still know nothing. I walk in the desert without seeing the horizon, swimming in a sea of darkness, or accumulating all my fears with a burning desire to leave the cave of darkness and the ignorance of natural cosmic forces. From this suffering, I am sick. I need to be held to encourage me to understand my environment, everything around me, and everything connected to life in the universe. I want to understand how the universe was created. I want to understand why I was created and why there is this natural diversity. I want to understand the order of things. I want to understand the mechanism of how the universe operates to deduce its properties, peculiarities, and prevent catastrophes. I want to discover the natural laws, and our will must yield to the determinism of natural laws.