Mostini planet book collection

Dr Ganga Yvon Samba is an American-Congolese researcher who lives in San-Diego, California, United States. Born April 13, 1979, from an early age, he is passionate about discovering and understanding the facts around us. It is with this in mind that he travels through different establishments and universities to achieve his goals.
Today he is offering us a book which will be subdivided into three (3) volumes and which will be titled : Mostini Planet, Next Level the World with Josammy Technology (The quantum Antigravity Sigma ZG Matrix).


Reading this book will allow you to dive into a universe where the understanding of many scientific facts of our universe will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will thus answer countless questions that you have faced throughout your life without any concrete explanation.
After reading this book, you will see this world from another angle, nothing will be the same.


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