Josammy Emporio Foundation


The Josammy Emporio Foundation is an independent NGO founded in Ivory Coast in 2008 and registered in the United States in 2023. Based in California, JEF collaborates with civil society groups in various countries to promote human rights and fight poverty in nearly 150 countries, particularly for vulnerable women and children. Our mission: to defend the rights of women, children and oppressed peoples.


The Josammy Emporio Foundation is committed to promoting human rights globally by rehabilitating history, culture and science. It works in cooperation with local civil society groups to strengthen the protection of human rights and make their concerns heard internationally. The Josammy Emporio Foundation defends the rights of vulnerable individuals and communities facing discrimination, injustice and human rights violations.

The organization identifies human rights issues by examining their causes and origins, highlighting how the falsification of human history contributes to oppression. She denounces the promotion of the supremacy of certain groups through the falsification of history and beliefs. Nature is seen as a force influencing human behavior, and man must transcend his instincts to progress.

Since its beginnings, humanity has struggled to free itself from the constraints of nature through science and technology. The Josammy Emporio Foundation aspires to rehabilitate universal culture, science and authentic technology in the service of man and the sustainability of the human species. In short, The Josammy Emporio Foundation works to promote human rights, restore historical truth and encourage the use of science and technology for the good of all.